The wrath of the COVID 19 has created unemployment among the underprivileged sections of the society. Not only have people lost their jobs, but the lockdown has also impacted on the mental health of many. The pandemic situation has entirely changed the routine. So what are some of the work ideas to do during COVID 19 pandemic?

The worst hit by the pandemic are:

  1. The poor class and lower middle class. This is because of the economy going down and people losing their jobs.
  2. The final year degree students who have been placed. Most companies are taking back the offer letter because of the unemployment generated.
  3. The mental health of many is at stake.
  4. Children who were previously taught to sit in class, socialise, and play with other kids are now homebound. This has a great impact on the mental health and growth of the children.
  5. More than 3 million are affected by the virus and death rates are also high. 

In such situations, it is highly impossible to find jobs. The companies also have no choice but to take out employees due to the falling economy. 

How is Covid19 hitting the population?

With the lack of jobs, people are turning to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Being an Entrepreneur can help you in many ways. If you are successful, your small business can get you the income you always needed. 

The Job market will be the most challenging in the coming years because of the pandemic. 

According to a data survey conducted, 14 million of the age group 25-30 have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The survey also predicted that 25 million of the age group 20s will have serious job repercussions. Be it anything, this pandemic due to the COVID19 will have a long-term effect on the economy as well as people’s life. 

The unemployment rate has gone up to 27.1% according to a recent survey.

What can one do during the COVID 19 pandemic?

  • Think about a career change.
  • Look for alternative jobs that can get you a good income. 
  • Revisit your passion and earn from it. 
  • Open that small business you have always wanted. Become an entrepreneur. 
  • Embrace the change. Instead of struggling with finding jobs, look for self-employment (freelancer).
  • If your pay scale has been completely cut off or reduced, turn to side businesses to add to your income. 

Here are 8 work ideas to be chosen during COVID 19:

  1. Since the dawn of time, artists have constantly followed their passion and succeeded in it too. If you are an artist, and looking for a job during the pandemic, creating a job in the artistic field is the best option. Artist is not necessarily playing with colours and painting. An artist can be a dancer, painter, musician, instrumentalist, writer, etc. 

Take refuge in such jobs. For example, if you are a dancer, you can take online dance classes and earn from it. If you are a painter or a craftsman, take live sessions and teach online. 

It certainly isn’t a great way of earning, but if you need of extra income, this is the best way to obtain it.

  1. If your present job is at stake, revisit your career goals. Revisit your passion and create multiple career paths. In such a case, if one doesn’t work out, you always have the other job at hand. Sit down, take a paper, and start jotting down your skills and hobbies. Make a list of jobs that are suitable for you and that helps you follow your passion. For example, if you are good at writing, you can write a novel or a book that suits your interest. Find a well-known publisher, and publish your novel. You can in lakhs if you are a writer. 
  1. There is an assumption that if you are in the IT sector jobs you have a secure career. But that is not the scenario. More than 5 % of the IT sector employees have lost their jobs during the COVID19 Pandemic. 

But one can start freelancing if he/she is a coding wiz. A Freelancer is a self-employed person. If you are a freelance writer or a coder, advertise your work online. If your work meets the needs of the company, they might hire you for the project. This is, of course, work from home-based projects and thus good money at your fingertips while working at home. You can write reviews of products online, come up with codes for the questions being posted on GitHub, post on Quora, and make an online presence. This will help you earn money.

  1. Edibles:  Homemade food has a separate fan base. You can start your homemade food product or baking. Food and baking products will give you bulk orders from the customers thus making this home business a profit. Accordingly set up your food business and cater to the needs of the people.
  1. Online tutoring: Online tutoring is a new trend. Tutoring is the best way to make money while sitting at home. Create a plan, just as any other business plan to have a successful and profitable online tutoring. Publicize your online tutoring services on social media platforms and through your contacts, family, neighbors. There are websites like and where you can become a teacher. For each course, you earn some amount. 
  1. Work from home call centre jobs: This field of job requires you to have good verbal communication. One must be customer-focused and catering to customer queries and providing apt solutions. 
  1. Web Developer: This has become a hot job during the coronavirus pandemic. It requires an engineer mainly responsible for the design and implementation of front-end network based on requirements, code review, and advises for optimization. The aim is to create a first-class web interface for products and services on the website. 
  1. Project manager: The responsibility of a project manager is to lead staff for the whole project and is necessary to coordinate the relationship between employees and ensure the smooth growth of the project. It requires great communication, coordination, and management abilities. 

Some of these work ideas during COVID 19 are seasonal expected to run or closed during the next couple of months. Otherwise, many jobs are being generated too. But the best way to earn your income can be depending on your potential, skills, and interests. Therefore, choose a job which matches all the credentials.

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