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List Your Passion is an Earning Inspiration E-Magazine intends to collect & deliver interesting ideas, tips, experiences, motivation and information on Hobbies, Passion, career options and various ways to Earn. It offers inspiration in business and entertainment, and motivates to improve mind and body so that our readers acquire best possible mental and physical shape to compete, earn, reach their goals with the work they love to do and inspire others to follow same strategies.

Aim of List Your Passion

The aim is to provide knowledge of various earning options wither by following professional career or your hobbies and interests. ListYourPassion addresses the needs of today’s highly-competitive world where prompt execution is basic and the most skills expected to succeed are self-produced.  In short, We offer inspiration, guidance and motivation by conveying the content on “How to do and What to do to?” in a quicker and simpler way through multimedia platforms.

This magazine centers around individuals who assume full liability for their own development and income. Who desires to earn from work they love to do or they have incredible enthusiasm for that. It will endeavor to present you the ideas and achievement specialists. Moreover, It will uncover their key ideas and procedures to assist you in each zone of your personal and professional life. In Addition, We invite others also to contribute inspirational stories or experience journey to success, they can submit article easily.


Our Community

Our readers and “List your passion” both understand and value the fact that we are self responsible for our future. Whatever we do, it should have a proper plan. Therefore, there is need to get knowledge about that work and the way of doing. This is simplest and most important way to make dream startup a perfect earning business. On the other hand, The mission is to create a community. Community inspiring others to follow their dream and become self independent by finding their hobbies, interests, passion, career opportunity, right courses, academies and work on them with proper knowledge and plan.

We believe in – “Dream it , Plan it and Achieve it”. 

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. So, read how to turn your hobby into earning work. Get inspired from top leaders’ success stories, plan for your dream work and inspire others too.

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