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Any of you, Guest Bloggers, Startups, Advertorial Writers are Welcome to submit ARTICLE or Your Success Journey to us, provided you adhere to our standards. Please go through the guidelines and submit your article. Note : Kindly submit with quality content, We are very strict for it. And if you have any topic suggestions, please send to us at

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Guest Post Guidelines

  1. If you are submitting free article, then kindly avoid putting business/commercial web-links in your article. Add them only if you are going to pay for it.
  2. In case you need to make reference to a business brand, at that point do it so as to not straightforwardly promote its products or services.
  3. Upload relevant JPG files only.
  4. The word limit for Article submission lies between of 700-1000 words. Editors hold the right to alter out the excess words. If required, the article will be introduced in parts. Spell check and accuracy in facts is an absolute necessity!
  5. Your articles should consist of few pictures. In case that the creators don’t have their own photos, they can source them from the web for instance-, yet subsequent to taking satisfactory consent from copyright holders.
  6. Articles should be genuine and include realities, true facts,and guidance or moral for readers.

Few More Important Points To Consider

  1. Original content is mandatory for Authors, since we don’t endure any sort of plagiarism. You can generally look online for any research study regarding the matter and refer them. All facts must be very much well-researched and you should incorporate a fact file of references.
  2. Writer should avoid overemphasizing their points and limit extravagant language.
  3. Don’t oversell a place or an item, however don’t shrike away from introducing any negative angles.
  4. Abstain from giving solid advises and rebuking your readers.  For guidance, direction and opinion based articles, give cites from individuals by suggesting conversation starters to experts of that field.
  5. At the present time, We are focusing on topics to guide and inspire people. We are not restricted to any specific country but is it is for youth and people starving to do work for their career and current earnings.
  6. We have right to delete your post if it is not related to our site topics or if it is not a real life experience and journey to success in particular passion or career.
  7. Writers have to submit a list of their story or ideas and wait for approval before proceeding to write. Editors will have the final say whether to post or not.
  8. All freelance content including graphical entries submitted to the editor/proofreader or web admin will turn into the property of “List Your Passion“. They are for utilization in appropriate manner for our website. However, legitimate bylines will be given to the copyright owners.

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