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Engineering, Humanities, Computer Science, Social Science, and Business are some of the most popular courses in India as well as abroad. However, it also means that competition among these businesses multiplies every year.

In 2020, many countries report that, on average, 26 percent of students pursue a business and management-related courses. While another 18 percent pursue an engineering courses. Besides the corporate world is changing fast and one of the best ways to stay ahead of the race is to move away from the usual curriculum and create unique career paths.

To break away from this traditional mold, often, we recommend that students choose a specific courses in their chosen field. Here are some of the highlights of the 2021 Overseas Program:

1. Cybersecurity and ethical hacking

Rising cyber-attacks as well as security threats have created a demand for experts in subsequent fields. That’s where the ethical hacking program comes in. Ethical hackers are cybersecurity professionals who analyze and work on the networks and structures of various organizations to detect security vulnerabilities and correct them accordingly. They also draw salaries on the side of the scale while the average salary in India is more than Rs 10 lakh per annum and globally the US $ 96,900. The best part?

2. Bioinformatics

One of the most advanced fields in biosciences, bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines biology and computer science. Bioinformatics is responsible for many important areas such as analyzing variations and expressions in human genes and using data to analyze protein sequences.

3. Ecotechnology

Presented by top global universities such as the University of British Columbia, the University of Bristol, the University of Pennsylvania, and more. This specialized program focuses on developing features.

4. Urban design and planning

Urban Design as well as Planning is an advanced specialty in the field of architecture focus on creating functional, sustainable, and attractive city plans and designs. It works with the arrangement and design of buildings, public spaces, transportation systems, and more to address human resilience and urban development issues.

5. Econometrics

This special feature allows students to use statistical methods to anticipate as well as predict economic policies. Economists around the world use econometrics to analyze the impact of specific monetary and economic policies on a country’s economy. Also Econometrics, as a course, is offer by many universities as a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This degree can help students secure job positions such as economists, data analysts, and financial analysts in government as well as institutional organizations.

6. Dance Therapy

For those who have a passion for dancing and plan to develop or as a career. Dance therapy is the perfect combination. This degree teaches students the nuances of using dance as a medium to help them change their emotional state and reduce stress. Offered by the best art department around the world. Dance therapy is also known for depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and more.

7. Gemology

Gemstones have long been consider a symbol of prosperity, health, success, and, most importantly, wealth. Therefore, a career as a jeweler is very special. This art of studying, cutting, and valuing precious stones requires precision and distinct artistic abilities. In India, students can get an education in this art in institutions like the Gemological Institute of America. Globally, many top schools such as George Brown College Ledge and Birmingham City University offer this unique specialty.

8. Data Science and A.I.

It seems appropriate to compile this list of courses with this popular yet unique program. Over the past decade, the presence of AI in various fields of career has been very popular. The more people discover about this brilliant science, the more specialized programs and learning opportunities are generated.

From data mining to natural language processing, learning opportunities abound in AI. Not only that but data science was said to be one of the highest paid careers in 2020. If it’s not a good promoter, I don’t know what it is.

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