A theatre artist helps in enacting plays, rehearsing, scriptwriting, the conceptualization of plays, someone who works with one or more groups in theatres as a professional actor. In a musical or orchestra, a singer is an artist too. In dance plays or dramas, a dancer is a theatre artist. Any theatre artist would claim that the job pressure is low if you choose this career. But only the real theatre artists know that if this is your passion, it takes a lot more than just acting and role-playing to come up as a theatre artist.

A Career as a theatre artist is not only confined to acting. A Theatre Artist maybe an actor, director, producer, play writer, stage manager, set designer, sound designer, every one of the jobs combined makes an artist.

Art is needed in everyday life. It gives essence to life. Without art, we are all just human beings with a mere quality of survival. As an artist one needs a mentor to guide in various aspects of art. Multiple theatre projects have evolved over the last few years considering the growing impact of artists on the economy.

One such program is the Theatre Project 25. The program focuses on bridging the gap between art, artists, and audience.

What is theatre project 25?

Theatre project 25
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Theatre project 25 is a Youth Theatre project organized by the create room for artists. Create Room for Artists is an all in one platform for aspiring artists the help them gain confidence and become better artists and actors. They believe that art must not be confined to museums, art galleries, amphitheatres, etc. It should be portrayed on stage, theatres, and in unconventional experimental places as well.

  • One must keep performing and learning new skills with each experimentation. Create Room for Artists conduct various workshops and plays round the year for the young talent.
  • These workshops are conducted entirely by a team of expert artists who help them experiment, explore, and learn and also help them grow as an artist.
  • Create Room for Artists have worked with over 300 artists and have expanded their base in 13 cities across India including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bikaner, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Noida, Gurugram, Panchkula, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bhilai, Mohali, Jaipur.

Some of the events hosted by the Create Room for Artists organization:

  1. Soulful Sunday- 30 seconds of film challenge which was held in May 2020. The objective of the event was to make a film of 30 seconds.
  2. Bikaner chapter- Includes a solo act of poetry by Ms. Mandakini Joshi. It was a new experience for artists and audiences.
  3. Black Box Theatre festival- A student-generated performance event held in February 2020. It allows the upcoming artist to create and apply their coursework and apply their art on stage. The festival was a huge success with 50+ registrations and over 6 different theatre societies from Delhi University were converted into Black Box Theatre productions.
  4. Guwahati chapter- an event held mainly to bring back different forms of art from history and reconnect people to art. Poetry performance, solo singing were the highlights of the event.

What is the aim of Theatre Project 25?

It is an amazing initiative taken by the Create Room for Artists to promote talented Artists.

  • The project aims to obtain fresh and original scripts from young artists. Any artist under the age of 25 can submit their work.
  • The Importance is given to original content scripts than adaptations.
  • The selected scripts and project plays will be allowed to produce and showcase the productions at Black Box Theatre festival.
  • Along with the production of selected scripts, theatre societies will also get trained and mentored by professionals throughout the project. In a way, it is to get the budding talent out of the comfort zone and tutoring them to do better as artists
  • The mentoring includes all aspects of theatre play from conceptualizing to the staging of the project.

Overall, it is a great opportunity to get your play produced in India’s greatest Black Box film festival.

The Black Box Theatre Festival

Perks of the project:

perks of the project
  • The most interesting part of the project is the special discount workshops that they conduct.
  • It will help an artist to explore, experience, and perform better as an artist.
  • The cost of production will be included in the project. Which means the artist need not bear any cost for the production as long as they are creative and can reach their script to the Theatre Festival.
  • Moreover, you will be guided by experts and more advice means more perfection!

Who are the professionals?

  • Many professional artists are involved in the project, one can watch and learn from such adepts.

Check Createroomforartists for more details & next updates on the project and Register Now. Also, follow @createroomforartists on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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