India is a magical country that is far beyond its values ​​and traditions. What makes India so different but easily accessible is the spirit of millions of Indians living in difficult areas and breaking customs on their way. We are proud to say that someone is fighting in all the Indians and this list honors 15 well-known Indian Heroes who should not only be mention often.

Here are Inspirational story of 10 Unsung Heroes of India.

1.Anand Kumar – IIT-JEE trains for the poorest students

Anand Kumar is from Patna where his father used to work as a clerk. His humble beginnings paved the way for him to go to Cambridge University at the time that offered him a seat. His papers in ‘Number Theory’ have been publish in international magazines. He will work in mathematics during the day and sell papad in the evening. Fifteen years later, 27 of the 30 graduates who graduated eventually dropped the IIT-JEE exam.

2. Irom Chanu Sharmila – Anti-AFSPA Prosecutor who has been fasting since 2000

The story of Irom Sharmila is about the strength and power of the human spirit. After being abuse at a young age, Irom began to raise his voice against the Special Armed Forces Act. He started fasting in 2000 against the abolition of AFSPA but has not yet received a positive response from the government. The spread of the media has turned Irom Sharmila into a face of tolerance and courage, which continues to suffer as we speak.

3. Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw – He led the victorious Indo-Pak war of 1971

“If we go to war right now, can I guarantee a 100% defeat? Send me my resignation letter?”

Sam Manekshaw has oppose Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s decision to go to war when the military is not ready. But orders were again and a few months later, Manekshaw led a series of photographic attacks on Karachi and Lahore, and this later became known as the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Manekshaw’s heroes cannot be taken for granted but we urge you to take to the Internet to learn about this great character than life. A fearless leader, Manekshaw’s heroes deserve to be the title of the film.

4. Ajit Doval – Chief Inspector and current National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister

Ajit Doval is a retire IPS official who has worked as a secret informant in Lahore for seven years. Doval was also India’s chief negotiator and hijacker for the 1999 Airlines flight to Kandahar in 1999. And recently, Doval was in charge of repatriating 45 Indian nurses from ISIS captives in Iraq. There is so much more to Doval than the current Prime Minister of National Security. His story should be brought forward.

5. Captain Vikram Batra – Essential for Kargil’s Success, He Dedicated His Life to the wounded soldier

Captain Vikram Batra, who would turn 41 today, was expected to be a General in the Indian army when he returned from the battle of Kargil. His famous name was “Jai Mata Di”. Bollywood tried to imitate her story in the 2003 film LOC Kargil but failed to do justice to Captain Batra’s mythology and his people.

6. Rukhsana Kausar – Killed LeT soldiers with an axe

Rukhsana Kausar’s story seems too bold to be true. One night, Lashkar-e-Taiba’s soldiers entered his home in the Rajouri, J&K demanding that Rukhsana be handed over. Seeing his family being attack by the militants, Rukhsana came out of his hiding place with an ax and hit the LeT commander in the head. He then took the deceased’s AK-47 assault rifle and opened fire on the suspect and his brother, forcing them to flee. Perhaps his story is very good in the mainstream media, but the least we can expect is a biopic on his heroes.

7. Anandibai Joshi – The first female doctor from India

Born in 1865 and married at the age of 9, Anandibai Joshi overcame oppression and discrimination at a time when women’s education was consider insignificant in a patriarchal society. She not only fought for her dreams but also trained in western medicine, becoming the only South African female doctor at the time. With the help of a free husband, Anandibai opened the gates to Indian women who wanted to be more than housewives.

8. Mamta Rawat – Saved thousands in Uttarakhand floods

Mamta Rawat saw her home flooded by the 2013 floods in Uttarakhand. But this did not stop him from climbing the most dangerous places to save thousands of travelers and vulnerable areas. Trained to climb a mountain, Mamta led 30 schoolchildren to a safe place while carrying adults on her back. All 24 at the time, had no official badge or government subsidy for this redemptive work.

9. Major General Ian Cardozo – He cut off his leg and ordered him to bury it

A 1971 war veteran, then Major Cardozo, entered a minefield to help wound soldiers when he stepped on a land mine. While the doctor on call was hesitant to amputate his injured leg, Major Cardozo took things in his hands and literally cut off his leg. The incident did not dampen Major Cardozo’s courage as he continued to command the army.

10. Arunima Sinha – She ran by train, climbing Mt Everest two years later

National level volleyball player Arunima, who was 23 at the time, was traveling on the Padmavat Express when a gang of thugs attack him. As he resisted, the goons threw him on a moving train where 49 carts ran over his legs. He counted them all. But he was about to finish. Two years later, Arunima climbed the world’s highest peak: Mount Everest, making her the first woman to have a thumbs up. He will continue to climb many other high peaks around the world and continue to make his country proud.

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