A sport turned CHRISTIANO RONALDO into a best FOOTBALL player

This blog is going to tell you Inspirational Success Story of Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is the European Portuguese footballer whose fans are in millions. He plays as a forward player in Serie A club named Juventus. He is the captain of the Portugal National Team. It is to be very proud that his name falls into the category of World’s Best Footballers. Cristiano Ronaldo has already known for his best playing styles. He gathers the 2nd position in the world’s top richest and best players. He holds the record for the most goals secured in the UEFA Champions League.

In today’s world he became the Role Model for many of us . When he lands on the soccer field, his followers start cheering for him. When Christiano Ronaldo is in the match , people love to watch him and On that day, booking is houseful. Just like a film actor, people also want Ronald’s Autograph.SO, We can easily conclude that Christiano Ronaldo is one of the fame and presents the Inspirational Success Story to everyone.


Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985 at Funchal, Madeira, Portugal( the small island of the western coast of the country). At the age of 9, he started his career in foootball. His name was kept after Ronald Reagan because he was his Father’s Favourite actor.

He was born to a poor family. His father used to be a metropolitan Gardener who did gardening at places. He grew up in a largely working-class neighborhood. His mother was a normal cook. Sometimes she served as a maid in royal families also. He was the 4th youngest child born in their family. His family called him CR-7 after his first football match.

Struggle Behind the Inspirational Story Of Success- C. Ronaldo

Many times Ronaldo was teased as his father cleans the locker room to earn extra income to support his family. Despite of all this, Ronaldo work hard to get success.He threw a wooden chair on the teacher and he was removed from the school . But his mother always supported him and encouraged him to make his career in Football. Firstly, he played for an amateur team in Portugal. After a 3 day trial and before being signed by Sporting CP for 1,500 Euros, he decided not to attend the school. So that he can concentrate on his Football Career.

Although, many hurdles come and go , but Ronaldo never stopped. His dream of playing football for his nation was frightened . As he was suffering from racing heart condition. Then after his surgery, he continued in his career. After his surgery, he even occupied the position in the fastest Sprinters in the world. In 2005 when he was playing a match for Manchester United, his father died from an alcohol-related Kidney problem. In 2007, his mother suffered from breast cancer.

Honour And Achievement

He had won five Ballons d’Or and four European Golden Shoes. He has also won Six League Titles.  Although He has won the number of awards we cannot name them all but a few of them are Fifa World Player of The Year in 2009, World Soccer Player of the Year, Pichichi Trophy in 2015, FIFA Puskas Award in 2009, Premier League Golden Boot in 2007, Bravo Award in 2004, Onze d’Or in 2008 and much more. He has also won UEFA Champions League Top Goalscorer in more than 4 Years.

Other than this, he had earned a lot of money and the blessings, love, fan following of the people. Many Football coaches fill encouragement to footballers from his name. He also has made his nation proud. He is the Inspiration of many footballers in India too. 

What is Inspirational Story Of Success-C. RONALDO ?

This inspirational hero i.e, Christiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro  tells us how to overcome the shortcomings of life. He also tells us that we don’t have to leave our dreams, passions, and imagination by the physical incapabilities of our bodies. We must not give up on any task in life whether it is football or any other profession. Don’t think about obstacles to be faced in the task. Just go and compete with them. He is a live Example who achieved success in his life via his passion.Thus, we can proudly say that Inspirational Success Story of Ronaldo can motivate any of us who wants to follow his/her dreams.

“We don’t have to tell our dreams. We have to show them.”

So,the Inspirational Story Of Success-C. RONALDO who turned all the stones in his path into success. He become a 2nd best football player with million of fan following.

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