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A sport is defined as an athletic activity that involves a degree of competition. A person involved in a game is called a sportsperson or an athlete. These athletes are usually hired by the coaches to play for a team. Coaches train the team or individuals to ace in the game or a match. Some people like to watch sports while others like to play sports. But a few others are dedicated to making sports as their career in the long run. The athletes are passionate about a sport and play for a team or as an individual and make money that way. Sports as a career is one of the best careers as you are getting to do what you love and also getting paid for it. Choose your field of expertise like soccer, football, basketball, cycling, running, wrestling, etc, see how rewarding it is and how it helps you grow.

 In India, playing sports was considered a hobby. With India turning into a developing country the situation totally changed and now most of the athletes who have a passion for a sport are making money and choosing a sport as their career. India is also part of many international game events like the Common Wealth Games, Asian games. Each athlete who participates in such events and international games are getting paid for every game they play. Not only do you get paid, but you also earn fame. 

How to begin?

If you are into a sport, play for your school/college team. Participate in district level competitions and then state level. Seek a proper coach and get trained under the coach. You can also get training from various sports academies that give training to young talent. Other than that various state-level organizations provide support for underprivileged sports players and help them to come up. All you need to have is physical fitness, stamina, spirit, determination, perseverance, and enthusiasm. There are a few sports which you can consider as your career if it is your field of expertise:

  1. Cricket: Taking up cricket as a career is for somebody willing to put a lot of hard work and determination before getting into a well-known team. Training hard, willing to sacrifice education, someone who can deal with a lot of pressure is athletes they are looking for to become a part of the national team. Making it into the cricket team is not an easy task, but once the players get the taste of success, there is no turning back. Every national cricketer is governed and paid by Indian cricket governing board called the BCCI. All the cricketers are paid per match basis. The national players earn between 10 lacs to 1 crore per match. With all the popularity they get, the companies are willing to label them in endorsements, thus paying them a huge amount of money. 

One of the main advantages of choosing cricket as a career is that there is instant fame and there is no limit to the money that can be made along the way. Even a small T20 league can help a cricketer lead their entire lives because they pay in T20 is enormous compared to national cricket. A Government job is also guaranteed for every national cricketer. In any case, he decides to quit the game, he can return the government job he has been assigned to. But at the same time, there is a downside to this glamorous field of career too. The cricketers are under a lot of pressure of winning and there is an added pressure of the opponents. If they lose a match there is always the open criticism of Indian media.

  1. Kabaddi: From centuries Kabaddi has been sidelined as merely a hobby or a past time rather than a sport. The modernization of sports and the addition of new rules (considering the development of India in the field of sports) has made it a sport that India suddenly loves. The introduction of the pro-kabaddi league has made this a popular sport in India, famous among the young generation. The players who represent the country are given government jobs. They are entitled to a pension even after retirement. They can land jobs in HAL, bank service, railway sector. Since Kabaddi has become famous in such a short duration, it is a safe career option. And since it was a local sport that originated in India, it is something to be proud of to win this game. 
  2. Tennis:  To build a career in Tennis, start training, and playing from a young page. This is a sport that requires a lot of running around the court and hence the player needs to build up the mind and body for the game. Take Tennis lessons from famous coaching institutes, play in tournaments. Avoid injuries to continue playing for the matches. Tennis being a predominantly solo sport increases your fitness. India has numerous Tennis academies that train budding talents to pursue their career. Every city has a Tennis academy. So training for Tennis is easy no matter which city you live in. The pay at the international level is quite high. The mere qualification for a Grand Slam tournament has a significant increase in the pay of a player. 
  3. Football: It is still a dream for a majority to play football in the international team. Football is not an easy sport. To get into the premier league team is a huge opportunity yet difficult. But football in India is still a developing field of sports. And thus opting for a career in football especially in India is very risky. In recent years football has an increase in popularity in the country among the young generation. Owing to the many clubs and ISL there is no better time to enter the football fraternity for those who are passionate about this sport. If not a career as a football player, he/she can dropout and opt to become a coach or a fitness trainer for the players. 
  4. Racing: Racing is a very risky yet thrilling sport. The downside of this sport is that it requires a large investment. In India, there are not many racing tracks to practice, and owning a car itself is a pretty hard task. To step into professional racing and F1, any athlete needs to upgrade from F3, F2, and so on. Once you reach that level the pay scale is high. There’s also a career that allows you to become a test driver for an F1 team. The only requirement for this sport is your skill of racing. But not many racing schools are available in India which makes it harder for the Indians to choose this field of career. 

The salary of the sportsperson depends on the sport he has chosen. In the field of sports, along with the experience of an athlete, the capabilities of the athlete are also taken into consideration. If you have an inspirational athlete and if you have a passion for a sport, choosing a career in the sports field can be exciting.

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