Grow Business in COVID 19

What is Corona Virus?

This Blog will help you to learn how to grow Business during COVID 19. But before this, we have to learn what COVID 19 is. COVID 19 is a mild to severe respiratory illness caused by CORONA VIRUS. It can be transmitted through an infected material or contaminated surfaces. Fever, Cold, Cough, Shortness of breath are some of its symptoms

How Covid 19 Affected the businesses and how to Grow

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting small businesses in a variety of ways. Things are changing very fast during the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses are adapting changes to sure their survival and growth.
As we know that this epidemic not only affects human health but it also affects the economy’s health. Everything is locked and everyone is at home in this pandemic. Obviously, It affects the economy of India but it also affects the business run by several shopkeepers and other large businessmen.

Small Scale And Large Scale Businesses COVID-19

This is a very critical situation for those who have their startup business and small scale business. This epidemic effect on this only because small scale company was able to handle big loss and cannot able to work. Due to which they are unable to make profits and not able to complete their projects on time due to which the company has a loss in their business.
This problem may not affect large businesses or large companies because they already have so much profit that they can handle it but the main problem arises for the small scale business. So here we will discuss how a company can grow its business by sitting at their home.

How Can You Grow Your Business during COVID 19

Here are the tips that will help you to grow your business during this pandemic. These will help you to ensure your business survival and improves the position in the market.

-Work Digitally During This Pandemic- COVID 19

Let us consider the era of digital India which means that doing work digitally more and more rather than doing it manually. This means that we can work from anywhere we want and digitally means by doing it automatically and virtually with giving stress on the human being.

For Example:

  • Creating a file using software instead of manual handwritten
  • Doing calculations digitally instead of doing it manually that takes lots of time
  • Conducting its business meetings online through the Cisco Webex meeting, Google Meets or Zoom Meeting, etc.

We can also make business decisions from anywhere anytime. Also, we can give a presentation at online meetings. Here we can show the status of work from home also. Thus, we can say that digital India is a very successful strategy introduced by the Indian Government. Moreover, most of the small IT companies are doing their work Digitally only to grow their business from home itself and save themselves.

-Use Remote Services or Cloud services to Conduct Business From Home

Using online cloud resources and working over on the cloud. It is a very cool, advanced, and very simple technique. It helps you to work and grow up a business from home itself. Using Cloud services or using remote services is a very effective and very relevant way to grow business

Let us take an example to understand the cloud strategy to run Businesses From Home in COVID 19

Suppose there are two companies one is Company A and the Second is company B. A conducts its work only from office. That means they can only work with a physical location. Whereas company B can do that same work from home also. This is a cloud that does not depend on the location where we are. Its live example is Google Drive where we can access our data from any location. Nowadays most of the small and even big companies are doing their work through the cloud only to grow their business from any of the locations.

Therefore, conducting business at home using cloud services is a good option. Hence, we can also grow Business in COVID 19.

Some Important points to Grow Business in COVID 19 From Home

  • Using digital services instead of manual.
  • Using more and more cloud and remotely accessible services that help you to work from home.
  • Arranging online meetings to make decisions.
  • Submitting files through online mode instead of offline mode.
  • Creating business ads via online mode at several platforms to engage their customers.
  • Informing customers through online like on social media to make them aware of their work and you are still doing your work.
  • Moreover, by using online remote resources, keep updating your online products, and never think that this project cannot be completed.
  • Be relaxed and keep on doing online work on cloud digitally to grow business in COVID 19.

Stay Home Stay Safe! List Your Passion wishes a Good Health For Everyone.

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