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An online blog is a website that has contents and posts about daily life activities published by the blogger. It may include contents starting from travel, photography, food to lifestyle according to the passion and interests of the blogger. Anybody can open a blog online. All it takes is a simple knowledge of content your blog must contain and wordplay. One can write anything that stirs interest in one’s daily life. Be it a fashion blog, technical blog, or a photography blog. Maintaining a blog doesn’t have to be a difficult task as long as you are creative enough to come up with content. 

Now some people maintain blogs for the sole reason of a hobby while others do it to make money. And few maintain a blog to satisfy both the reasons. A blog is a regularly updated website run by an individual or a small group. Some people create blogs on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Face book, etc. But how to blog for profit? How to make money while blogging? 

  • While creating a blog and posting content might seem easy, one also has to look for the blog traffic. Without the blog traffic, there is no profit. Blog traffic is nothing but the viewers. There should be a sufficient amount of readers for your blog post. Only then it is a success. One way to increase blog traffic is by constantly creating content that is common between you and the viewer.
  • A blog can be a post, video, audio. Make sure that whatever you are posting is short. Only then it will catch the reader’s eye. There is something called affiliate marketing. Suppose, you are recommending a product, share your link of the product you are recommending and when someone buys the product, you will get a part of the sale amount. This is how many famous bloggers make millions of money.
  • One of the major ways to make money is through advertisements and clients. Now, this can be done by setting up Google ads. Google is where people search for what to do, where to go etc. Your Google ad can appear the very moment when someone is searching for a product or services like yours. For each view, you are getting nearly 30 or 40 paise. So the more number of people searching and opening your ad, the more money you are making. This is a crude way of making less money. To increase your views, set up two-three ads on the same page or website (by selling ads).

Another way of making money is through clients. Build up an Online Portfolio and have a Digital Presence. 

 To have a digital presence, people should be aware of your blog. On every content being posted on your blog, there should be a minimum of 800-1k views. The number of views you get on your blog post is the number of people who used your referral link. More views will lead to more money.

  • Create fresh content. Let your content be original, creative, and catchy. If you are a beginner, start with coaching or consulting over the phone. If you’re good at it, you can benefit from it. If you are a freelance writer, photographer, or coder all you need to do is reach out to your clients through a contact form. Grow your email list pop up. If you have a passion for writing content from the beginning you will profit from this, no doubt. Improve your writing skills and level up your content skills from scratch. Use platforms like WordPress, Grammarly to obtain error-free content. 
  • Ever heard of SEO?  

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. What SEO does is it helps to maximize or increase the number of viewers to your blog or a website. This is done by ensuring that the blog appears on the most searched results. This helps to increase blog traffic to the same website. 

How can you increase the SEO?

To go into the details, when you are curating a blog online, add the most used words/phrases or the words which are most in-demand. This can be done using platforms like WordPress. Google uses a simple algorithm called page rank. These SEO techniques are built to have more impact on those page rank algorithms. It is a way of measuring the importance of a website or a blog. Google patented this technology. You get the most attracted words; by using them to get more views on your blog. More views lead to more money. In simple words SEO attracts viewers.

  • Freelance gigs: Some companies are willing to provide you with an opportunity to write your content on their websites, provided your writing matches the company’s needs. Use that opportunity and make a profit. This will benefit the company as well as you. 
  • Recommendations: Adding recommendations will help build your digital presence. Take for instance; nobody has sponsored your work. You voluntarily add recommendations or recommend a product or service on your blog. This will bring to the notice of the company and they might recognize you have many viewers for your blog post. Building a relationship with the brand or the product and hoping the company finds you, will help you in one way to get the audience and thus the money.
  • Look for sponsorers: Look for sponsorers and donations. Suppose you have a loyal fan base who read your blogs constantly. If they like your blogs and if they wish to support your blog writing, they may be willing to donate a small amount of money. Build such kind of a fan base, look for the audience who are willing to make such donations. Of course, you can’t expect people to donate if you don’t provide them with good content. Write reviews about the products that cater to your audience and get paid for such reviews. 

Lastly, clients build up your portfolio and online presence. When your blog writing is related to the product they are selling, the company will approach you. For instance, if you are maintaining a fashion blog, the upcoming fashion accessory company will approach you to make a deal.

To sum it up, the content created for a blog is a reflection of your creativity and passion for writing. Burn that passion to good use and why not make some money as well?

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