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Today Cooking is not only bounded to our kitchens. It’s a high Flying career with many challenges and opportunities.If cooking is your passion then, you are at the right place. This blog will help you to earn from your cooking hobby. As you Know that cooking is an art in which you have to prepare food with different recipes and formulas. So , its a very nice idea to turn passion into money . Here are some tips that help you to make career from Cooking hobby:-

  1. You can become a chef
  2. Tiffin services
  3. Establish Cooking Classes
  4. YouTube Channels
  5. Blogs For Recipes

1. You Can Become a Chef and can Earn using your Cooking hobby

Chef or Cook prepares the food in Restaurants as well as in dining setups. They have to cook food and manage the kitchen staff. Additionally they have to prepare the menus and recipes with the estimated budget. The Business dealing with food is whether small or large, it needs a Chef. The Chef must be expert in different recipes. Although , this will not require so much qualification . But nowadays, many programmes are introduced to train the kitchen staff. This will help in improving their skills, capabilities, Etiquette and manners to deal with the potential customers.

Duties and responsibilities of Chef
  1. Create menus
  2. Prepare meals
  3. Plan event menus
  4. Create different recipes and formulas
  5. Maintain budget
  6. Deal with efficient kitchen equipments

2. Tiffin Services

Its a good idea,if  you want to do a part time earning. In Today’s world everyone is busy in their schedules. Many youngsters  live in hostels, PGs, on rent away from their homes for jobs or study purpose. You can provide tiffin services to them and earn some money in return. This will make money and you love to do this as it is your passion. In Addition, you can also give home delivery options to attract more customers.

3. Establish Cooking Classes

When  you love to cook then may be you have your own cooking techniques or methods, So, if you are expert in your recipes and formulas, then you can start teaching your cooking methods.Nowadays many youngsters are in search of learning cooking by easy methods.you can charge fees according to your choice. This idea helps you to earn money with your cooking hobby.

If you found that your classes are going well then you can also hire other cooking expertsYou have many options in this field as many institutions are hiring people to take cooking classes..

4. YouTube Channels Based on your Cooking Hobby

Undoubtedly, In this digital time you can also opt for the youtube channel.you can create your youtube channel and can upload some interesting videos of your  cooking. Here you need some different cooking techniques to get more subscribers and likes. Also, you can also create your facebook or instagram to get more followers.But to get income you have to gather sufficient followers .you need to prepare multi category of food with different techniques.As much as your videos have innovations you will get subscribers.

For Instance – ” NishaMadhulika ” is an  Indian YouTube channel for cooking having 9.56 million subscribers. She uploads 3 videos per week with different recipes for vegetarian food.

5. Blogs For Recipes

You can write blogs for your recipes and cooking methods.Write your blogs more creatively and with innovations.you can mention some healthy tips also. Obviously, If your delightful cooking recipes wins the heart of food lovers then you are able to earn income from your recipes.But in this  you have to deal with some technical stuff . You can take help by clicking here to get technical help in creating blogs and promotion. To be a blogger, you need to choose a catchy name for your blog that matches your domain. Upload attractive pics of your cooked food. Apart from this, Don’t forget to write your secret delicious recipe for your special food items. 


So, These are the tips that can help you to make money by your passion. You can become a chef in restaurants as well as in dining outlets. you can start a YouTube channel with delicious recipes to get subscribers. Moreover, Opting for the cooking classes is also a good idea. Last but not the least you can also become a Food Blogger.

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