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A section for your entertainment and be a part of it by sharing some Poems, Shayari, short essays. Tell stories, share song compositions, something about street plays and drama, reviews and experience of your watched movies and much more. This zone invites you to submit your creative writings.

So, Let us create a collection. Be a part of Collection of thoughts, feelings, Poems, Shayari, songs and so on. Telling stories is the best way to express yourself. All these are ways of staying engaged as they are one of the good source of entertainment. Stay tuned for updates ! We will launch competitions for you to participate and build your own name for your writings. Hence, you are going to be awarded with prizes and appreciation certifications. In short, hurry up and submit your writings here.

We always ask you to follow your dreams, but before doing so, you need to know something. Something is “how-to and what to” do for your passionate work.  Here you can read several posts specially written for you to get knowledge about tactics, short ways, strategies, and ideas on how you can earn. We have also shared many inspirational success stories for you to learn and grab those strategies to implement in your own life.


success story of mukesh ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s Incredible Journey To Success

Ambani’s Journey: Mukesh Ambani was Born on 19 April 1957 in Aden, Colony of Aden he did his…

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Jun 30, 20204 min read

5 most common types of blogs

The five most common types of blogs are personal blog, business blog, niche blog, and affiliate blog. Let’s…

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May 23, 20214 min read

Follow 5 top digital marketing blogs to stay updated

As we started the new year and everyone was going back to work. e tried to find a…

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May 5, 20214 min read
overcome fear of own business

How to Overcome Fear of Starting your own Business

Starting your own business can be exciting and risky all at the same time. Overcoming your fears is…

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Jul 28, 20205 min read

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10 popular blog niches to make money

BySudhanshu kumarJun 1, 20216 min read

Your blog’s revenue potential depends on your deals on your niche, which is the main topic of your blog. Some people are enthusiastic about collecting Seychelles, but they will never make money about it. It’s simple: to make money blogging, you have to make a specific choice that people search for and are willing to pay for the solution to their problems. Constant traffic with purchasing power plus readers is…

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10 books to motivate you for a startup.

BySudhanshu kumarMay 31, 20216 min read

I read a lot (counting on 177 titles and Aud double), and most of those titles are business and marketing. I would like to share the best business books for…

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jobs that pay well

15 jobs that pay you well

BySudhanshu kumarMay 30, 20216 min read

Work is not always fun. Some people work just to make money, no matter what they do. And so most people are not happy with their job, but they are…

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career change resume

How to write a career change resume?

BySudhanshu kumarMay 29, 20215 min read

When changing careers, you have to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job when competing with experienced applicants. Our How to Write Guide and Examples…

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abroad courses

Top 8 abroad courses of future demand

BySudhanshu kumarMay 28, 20214 min read

Engineering, Humanities, Computer Science, Social Science, and Business are some of the most popular courses in India as well as abroad. However, it also means that competition among these businesses…

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