After completing the tenth boards, it is a confusing choice to pick between different career fields. Every student arrives at this crucial point in his/her life. It is one of the important choices to make in one’s life. The decision of career made after the 10th influences further studies and the future. 

There’s Science, Commerce, Arts, each holding equal value and scope. One should research opting for the right career field for them. 

What is commerce?

It is a field where students have an interest in the field of financial information/ transactions, trading of economic values, etc. Any commerce student choosing this field has to consider these specialized fields: banking, accounting, finance, business administration, taxing, applied economics, e-commerce, financial banking, accounting, and auditing, etc. 

Any job related to numbers and calculations becomes a viable profession for commerce graduates. 

Here are some of the career options for commerce students

Chartered Accountant

This field is known to be the core of commerce and business. It is one of the most sought jobs in modern-day society. One of the main reasons why this profession is highly respected is the fact that it is difficult to acquire. The responsibilities of a CA include financial planning, accounting, taxation, and auditing. A career in CA thought might be challenging, but it is rewarding. Being a CA means getting paid a handsome salary no doubt. Institute of Chartered Accountants in India is responsible for conducting the CA course. 

  • The minimum qualification of being a CA is to complete 12th class in any of the commerce fields. Candidates who have passed the 12th class can take up the CPT (Common Proficiency Test). This test is the very beginning of the career as a CA.
  • However, students from science, commerce, and arts can take up the CPT exam. 
  • After clearing CPT, one has to enroll for ICAI. Candidates scoring 100 out of 200 marks can take up the IPCC exam which is the second stage of CA.
  • Finally, candidates who clear the CA final exams and whose name goes on the All India Merit List can be designated as a Chartered Accountant. 
  • Types of jobs related to CA:
  1. Auditor
  2. Accounts clerk
  3. Business Services Accountant
  4. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  5. Cost Accountants
  6. Tax Accountant

Company Secretary 

This too is a vital position in any legitimate organization. The role of a company secretary supersedes many other roles since it demands a lot of hard work and dedication. It is a widely respected position. 

The various functionalities of a company secretary include tax returns, auditory works and accurately managing the legal aspects of the company.

They also maintain a cordial relationship with shareholders to ensure the smooth running of their company. The Company Secretary also represents the company on every legal document and makes sure that the Board of Directors is working in compliance with the company’s interests and goals.

  • You can work in public and private sector organizations or set up independent practices in these areas.
  • To pursue a CS course, there are 3 stages: Foundation program, executive program, and professional program. One must undergo practical training after passing the executive program. On completion of these courses, you will be assigned the post of Associate Company Secretary (ACS).

Stock Broker

Being a stockbroker is no ordinary task. One must always be aware of the ever-changing market and must be able to make decisions in split seconds regarding market shares.

A stockbroker performs the task of carrying out buying and selling trades on behalf of the investor. Any layman cannot trade directly in stock exchanges. The transaction must be carried out by a person who is authorized to handle your exchanges and securities. This authorized individual is a Stock Broker. The various functions of a stockbroker include:

  • Keeping the clients constantly informed regarding the state of the market.
  • Informing the clients of any unexpected dip or rise in the price of certain equity shares.
  • Buy or sell respective shares on behalf of the investors.
  • Act as a middleman between the stock market and the investors.

A Career in Stock Broking can be pursued through various short-term and long-term certifications. One can pursue courses such as, BBA, or MBA (Finance). This career does not require a math background. 


 Bank Probational Officer (BPO) is an entry-level position in a bank where a person starts as a trainee. The bank PO exams are conducted by both private and public banks. 

  • The daily activities in the bank include handling cash flow, customer complaints, supervising clerical work, loan processing, and approval, issuing ATM cards, and check books. 
  • After completing the post of BPO, an individual is assigned to the assistant manager. 
  • There are various positions in the banking sector: accounts clerk, cashier, credit officer, administrative assistant, insurance officer, etc.
  • You can take up the Bank PO exam after graduating in any stream such as, BBA, etc. 
  • A banker receives a good amount of salary. The average salary a banker receives is around 6 lakhs per annum.

These are some of the main professions which are highly respected in the commerce field. Students can also take up:

  1. Agriculture Economist: This is a branch of economics that deals with using the fundamentals of Economics to solve issues related to agriculture. Agricultural mishaps and food inflation being the core problems of modern-day agriculture, this particular field helps in reducing or eliminating such problems at the ground level itself.
  1. Loan Executive: They are usually specialists in that field and accurately evaluate the financial state of any loan applicant. These executives act as an intermediate between the bank and the applicants and efficiently monitor the granting of loans. 
  1. Retail Manager: Help in the management of supermarkets as per the terms of business. A Retail Manager’s job is to run a retail store/outlet. They must require a degree in retail management. 
  1. Cost Accountant: one of the tops jobs in India. One can earn up to 12 lakhs per annum. 

Choosing the commerce field gives you the added benefit of job satisfaction and a good salary which can lead to a comfortable life. For this reason, the commerce field is a highly respected profession. Choose your career wisely.

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