Career option with low investment

A career with low investment is something you can take up in today’s world. Be it easy or difficult a job or a business with low investment might or might not provide you with a salary you were hoping for. There is the underprivileged class of people who are longing to achieve something to fulfill their dreams and goals but not have enough income to do the same. In such a case a low investment job or business is what comes into the picture.

Sometimes you may think that you are not using your capabilities to your fullest, or you may start feeling your high salaried job is not interesting, and giving you a hard time. You may loathe your 9-5 desk job. Studies show that a lot of sitting will age you.

Every task or job has a set of rules and we need skills to follow them. If the rules are too basic relative to our skillset, we are likely to get bored. On the other hand, if we assign ourselves to difficult tasks beyond our skill set, we are most certainly to give up and feel frustrated. The ideal is to find a middle path, something aligned with our abilities, and challenge yourself to complete the task. In the same way, if you feel you’re disinterested in your job or feel you are not getting paid enough, learn a new skill, or follow your passion. Work on your goals and who knows with such low investment you might achieve something. 

Why not create new ideas for your new business? Why not make a profit with low investment, to begin with? Here are a few ideas to start your career with low capital investment:

  1. Civil services: Do you also dream about serving the nation for the better good? Taking up the UPSC exam (Union Public Service Commission) is the best way to earn an income. The UPSC conducts various exams like the IAF, CDS, AFCAT, IAS exam, and includes services like IFS, IPS, IRPS, etc.

Civil services are one of the most reputed exams in India but also the most difficult to crack.

  • It has three rounds of examination. Two preliminary rounds and one final round. The two preliminary rounds consist of general studies and the final round consists of 9 papers of conventional type (easy). 
  • One needs to have good written English knowledge and must be up to date with the current affairs.
  • One must also have good general knowledge. A candidate will get selected to various posts of civil services in India if he/she passes all three rounds of the exam. 
  • One added advantage to this choice of profession is, you can take up the UPSC exams 6 times without any age limit. A minimal fee is taken from the candidates.

2. Government jobs: Government jobs can be taken up by people who want to experience job satisfaction and a handsome salary. You can have a permanent job for life and there is the added benefit of pension from the government of India after you retire.

  • There are government jobs for students who have just passed 8th, 10th, and 12th grade. 
  • Government jobs for a bachelor’s degree graduate
  • Jobs for engineering graduates (BE and B tech), MCA, MBA, Law graduates. 
  • Job flexibility is available in government jobs and the fee structure for taking up the entrance exam is also very less. 
  • There are various categories in government jobs like the bank sector, railway sector, teacher jobs, police jobs, work from home jobs, clerk, and assistant jobs.

The only eligibility is that you need to be 18 years or above for applying to government jobs. You can apply to government jobs online on IndGovtJobs and get notifications for the latest active government jobs. Government jobs are the most secure, reputed, and prestigious jobs in India. If you are employed under the state or central government, your life is settled.

  1. Journalism or photography: The photojournalists or the photographers have a unique talent to show to the world about the news through their photographs. They have an artistic eye and capture photographs that are relevant to the events happening around the globe and submit it to the media.

Being a photojournalist does not require any high bachelor’s degree. You display your pictures to the media as a freelancer and build your portfolio. The portfolio will help you in the future to show to the clients.

Although many have a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism, this field of the profession does not require any high degree. It’s a low investment career path which will also let you follow your passion if you are into photography. 

A journalist makes thousands of dollars a year and the prerequisite to becoming a journalist is to only have a mass media and communication degree. In this era of digital communication, people like to be informed about events happening around them. The journalists educate and inform the masses about these events and thus making journalism a core profession.

  1. Dance/ yoga trainer: Dance can be your passion and your profession. Training from an early age of 5-6 years can kickstart your dance career. Dance is an art form that comes from within. You are also spending less on dance classes or while learning a dance form. Once you get started, feel the rhythm of your hands and legs movements and with training over the years get better at the dance form you’re learning. A minimum of 10+2 years of training in dance will set your career. There are wide options like dance choreographer, dance trainer, start your dance class, etc.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that will not only help you keep your body fit, but also earn while teaching yoga. Being a yoga trainer in reputed institutes can benefit you.

  1. Start your own business: Starting your own business with low capital investment can be exciting as well as risky. List your training, experiences, and passion. Derive the common subject between them and start working on it. It can be a business or a start-up. Starting your food company, bakery, printing, etc. Know the risks entitled to it and learn everything you need to know about starting your own business.

The work you are entitled to fill a large part of your life, thus chooses it with caution and love what you do.

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