Artist and Animation work is one of the most popular works not only in India but all over the world. Artist and Animation work includes the rendering of graphics in frames by frames as per requirements and then giving voices to that animation. This work has lots of scope in every field for example in animation movies, cartoons, news channels, etc. This work can be done in a group also or individually also if we can take a basic example for artists and animation we can take it as a Youtuber ‘Make Joke of’ who develops animations, edits them, and gives voices to it.


If you have decided to start work as an artist and animation then it’s a good option for you there are lots of benefits in this work. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • It gives profits to our business.
  • The benefits to entertain the public and remove stress if they have.
  • It also gives benefits to our business.
  • You can get lots of profits for this work.
  • It gives benefits to start the alternate business-like in Graphics, Video Editing, etc.
  • An animation artist and earn lots of money without showing his own identity.

Space and investment in artist and animation depend on what kind of work you are thinking like you are thinking for to earn alone, work for the public as per their demand at the higher, and how much you are investing in it. It just depends on your interest at what level you want to start your work.

Investment Required:

First of all, you have to invest in systems that will be needed to create animations. You should have good configuration and good quality computer systems with graphics cards and the relevant size of monitor screens. Then you should have to make investments in purchasing the best official animation development software to develop high-quality animations, video, and audio editing software, best audio systems to record audios and voices and sound effects and animation.

Space requirement:

Space is dependent on the work level you want to do. If you are working alone with simple projects then it requires only one single room that has good space and comfort. If the work you are doing is in a team or at a high level then you need to invest in the large space.


Any kind of work you want to start, it is obvious that you need practical and other skills. In the case of Artist and Animation, you need good practical and working skills. Moreover, you also need good speaking skills and acting skills as an artist. For the animation you need to have practical skills in developing animations, editing the animations, including the sound according to the actions within a time, skills in creating 2D and 3D designs with frames and rendering graphics. Also starting any kind of work you will need to have good strategies for handling the business, earning money, skills that can engage more and more people. 


For business, it requires the basic business strategies and for making applications, it requires the proper Degree and knowledge of creating animation and also has advanced skills to work with the different types of animation in any situation.

Completing a bachelor’s in the animation degree program provides students with valuable artist and animation skills and teaches them to be perfect in the technology used in this industry. There are many specialties in the animation and artist field, including gaming, visual or special effects, animation for websites, and animation for film, video, or online. Sometimes it also requires certificate courses on basic animation requirements, such as art, drawing, multimedia, 2-D and 3-D animation, graphics, creativity, and technical skills. For an artist, you should need to time to time participate in different acting competitions in schools or in colleges to get confidence and try do mimicry for voice changes to get more interest of the public for your acting and animations

Animators looking to further develop their creative and technical skills may enroll in a master’s program to prepare for more senior-level positions. You can also enroll in the masters or the Ph.D. programs for the research purpose as per your interest.


For there is not much legal formality required but still, it should be certified by a government authority to run any kind of business. For a trust, there should be certified animators and certified persons are there. But still, there should be verified content and there will be copyright authorities there to manage the legal content properly. But for publishing the content of animation or selling the animation there should be verifiable authorities who verify the content in animation that it is applicable for public or not before publishing to people and the animation should also be certified for selling the animation.

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