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Social media came to change our lives almost a decade ago and then came with it a few hundred other businesses that no one would have thought of. It opened up a variety of new ways of generating income for people who do not want to live their lives in a very thorny way. Yes, I’m talking about social media influencers. That is probably the biggest economic benefit social was to give to the world of social media. One particular type of social media influencer that has been talked about recently is the travel influencer.

Well, it’s one of the coolest ways to impress there and is made for people who are in love for traveling and exploring the world. According to a recent state report, “How to become a travel blogger” was one of the most searched sentences on Google. So, there is no point in doubting the popularity of this business in a country like India. Where the number of people using smartphones and social media is increasing day by day.

Who is the travel influencer?

Let’s start with the basics and talk about what influences travel. Well, a travel influencer is essentially a content creator who writes or posts pictures and videos about different places around the world that he visits. People are inspired and fascinated by their content.

Travel influencers are becoming very popular these days for many reasons. One of them is to publish about the places they cover in their tour and act as a guide for those who are planning to visit the same place.

Second, there are many of us who do not even dream of visiting Spain or Switzerland. Therefore, such people travel and experience the world through influential posts or pictures.

Now, coming to the financial part of the game, travel influencers, like other social media influencers, are pretty well paid. You ask how and for what? Well, influencer marketing and its many benefits are the answer to your question.

How to be a travel influencer?

Well, it’s not the beginning of stopping the perfect plan for anything but here at Let’s Influence, after hours of thorough research. We present to you some tips and tricks that are worth considering whether you have made it your goal to become a successful travel influencer. Let us look at:

1. Don’t just do it for money.

Before you make a decision about choosing to influence travel as a business, make it very clear that if you love traveling and exploring the world. Do so only if you have no more than 2 weeks spent on your year-long vacation.

It has been proven time and again that those who have given their primary focus to being secondary to their passion and money have been able to make it big in their respective industries.

Also, remember that it will take time, hard work and the right materials before you start recovering your travel expenses. So, after just a month in business or dreaming about profitable profits and collaboration with big brands seems a little unreasonable.

2. Understand that the impact on travel is more than a hobby.

At a very early stage it is very important to know that affecting travel is not just a hobby. It’s a very full time joke. So, make it very clear that it is very possible that you will not taste success in this business if you only do it on vacation or long weekend.

If you want to make it big in this industry you must leave your 9-5 jobs. You will have time to figure out when you should make this decision.

Have a good time making this decision as it will make you one of the most difficult choices. Whatever the choice may be, just make sure it is right for her.

3. Explore your own city.

It is a very popular opinion that only travel influencers become more successful when visiting and covering abroad. Well, that’s not right. India, being an equally wonderful country, offers something in every neighborhood.

So, don’t do what other people say, just go about exploring your own city and chances are you’ll find and build an audience that will follow you faithfully.

Moreover, this is the best option for the person who has just started this business and does not have a very heavy investment to make his travel plans.

4. Use different social media platforms.

As you know there are a lot of people on social media from now on. Advancing the travel influence also means that you are a social media influencer and you must be active on all popular platforms to reach a large audience base.

If you’re into pictures capturing scenic beauty or local culture, Instagram is more than a mandatory option for you. It is the most active social media platform out there.

Moreover, if you are going to post short videos using some filters. Ticket will be a potential resource you can use.

5. Invest in your art.

As such, I have repeatedly said that being a travel influencer is a full-time thing. So like other businesses, it is important to invest well in the essentials that will grow your business.

For example, for effective and efficient content, using a DSLR is considered very important. Still, nowadays smartphones come with very high-resolution cameras but the digital camera and its minute capturing capabilities are unmatch.

Also, if you think you really need it, invest in some editing software. According to one state, 86% of the world’s top travelers use editing software to enhance impressive picture quality.


Moreover, be yourself and remember to be original and in the right proportions for the craft. Which will take you a long way. So, do good research on what needs to be placed and more importantly, what your audience expects from you.

Travel performance is one of the few businesses that lets you live your dream. It sounds a little weird, but trust me it’s a really big deal.

So, don’t wait a bit and start exploring this beautiful planet.

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