Business Development Manager

Career as Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager is responsible for business development. However the main function of the Business Development Executive is to discover new goals as  well as promote the sales or services of the company or organization.

Besides he must be able to invent new strategies to attract new companies and grow the company’s business.

Also some of the key functions of a business development executive are identifying as well as qualifying business opportunities, further understanding customer needs and providing services tailored to its needs or requirements, moreover collaborating with management on sales objectives, formulating building strategy, and building strategy and building/database.

Good professional development requires some computer skills in addition to executive management skills so that they can be used for company purposes.

In addition to targeting new customers, it also analyzes the needs of older customers and provides solutions to them.

Companies are always looking for skilled and qualified business development executives to provide growth to their businesses.

What does a business development manager do?

However, Finding new customers in this role and persuading existing ones to purchase additional services. If you are interested in sales and construction relationships, then this job may be ideal for you.

Business development managers work in the public as well as private sectors also a variety of businesses for NGOs.

For example, in manufacturing, you may work to obtain new production contracts, but in education, you may look to establish closer relationships between colleges and employers to provide more space for trainees. Functions may vary depending on your character, but may include:

  • Investigating companies to find new customers and identify decision-makers
  • ‘Cold calling’ to arrange meetings on customer premises
  • Working with a team to find out what a company wants and give offers and prices
  • Communicating with customers and fostering positive relationships
  • Go to events and conferences to get information about market trends and competitors
  • Writing reports and giving presentations to clients and senior management
  • Identifying new methods and opportunities for sales promotion
  • Assessing sales goals and making sure they are met
  • Train business developers and junior sales teams in your organization

If you work for a charity, it is your responsibility to secure a legitimate fund and increase the number and amount of donations. You will increase awareness of your donation and increase its effectiveness

Eligibility to become a Business Development Manager

Candidates must meet the prescribed minimum qualification requirements

Education: Candidates should have Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degrees in the Business related specialization.

All companies have different eligibility criteria. Most companies prefer candidates with master’s degrees because of their advanced skill sets.

Experience: Candidates applying for this profile should have t least 1-3 years of work experience in a corporate company. In addition candidates with some experience are preferred over those who are new to the industry.

Skills: Since there is huge competition in the job market, having some extra skills is always an advantage. Companies hire candidates with some advanced skills to meet market standards.

Candidates who want to apply for a job as a Business Development Manager can check out some of the skills given below.

  • Inter good personal skills
  • Fine expression skills
  • Business Good business knowledge
  • Strategy and Diplomacy
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Types of Job Roles Business Development Executive

 Candidates can choose any role as per their interests as well as skills.

  • Field Sales Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Order Coordinator
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Operational Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Executive

Employment Opportunities for Business Development Manager

Companies in all sectors have appointed Business Development executive for Business Development. Some important areas where you can apply for a Business Development Manager job are:

  • pharmaceutical companies
  • Software companies
  • Consultancy companies
  • Telecom companies
  • Infrastructure companies
  • Related product-related industries
  • Marketing companies

Top Recruitment Companies for Business Development Manager

Some major recruitment agencies hire business development executive

  • IndusInd Bank
  • Flipkart
  • Axis Bank
  • Od Lodha Group
  • ICICI Lombard
  • Muthoot Finance
  • Technique
  • Vyom Labs
  • FCS Software
  • Adequate techniques

Pay Scale / Business Development Manager Salary

Business Development Manager Salary depends on the qualification as well as experience of the candidate.

Also candidates can be given under the salary of beginner level, middle level, and senior-level business development executives.

ProfileStarting Salary per annum (in INR)Mid Level Salary per annum (in INR)Senior Level Salary per annum (INR)
Business Development Executive1,74,0002,98,0005,45,000

Books and study materials to become a Business Development Manager

There are many books available in the market that can help business development executives improve their skills. Some recommendations are given below

  • Mark Sales Acceleration Principle by Mark Robert
  • Masters of Networking by Ivan Misner
  • Frank Lavin and Peter Cohen 
  • Export Now
  • Hacking sales by Max Altschuler
  • Mary red reversible potential Mariela Tyler and Jeremy Donovan
  • Proof of denial by Ia Jia Jiang
  • Zero to One by Peter Theil
  • Why Start by Sim Simone Sinek
  • Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrari
  • Og is the largest seller in the world by Og Mandino

The right to be a Business Development Manager

  • Business development officers have comfortable working hours. Besides they seek anytime.
  • Business Development Executive can apply for a different job, which gives them the experience of working in a different culture
  • The salary of an experienced business development executive is high.
  • Superb! They have complete work freedom as they do not report to any supervisor.
  • Opposition to becoming a Business Development Executive
  • Limited or no job security. Also his work depends entire on the number of sales he brings to the company.
  • He has to work hard to bring in new customers
  • The business development executive also needs to update him with modern techniques as well as skills to attract more customers.
  • No team will be assigned to the Development Business Development Executive. Further he must work in a comfortable way.

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