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Who is a Photographer ??

A photographer is a person who makes photographs. A professional photographer is likely to take photographs for a session and image purchase fee, by salary, or through the display, resale, or use of those photographs. A professional photographer can be an employee in any company or a wedding photographer or wildlife photographer etc. Photographers collect news, collections in many areas according to their interests.


Photographers are needed almost everywhere whenever required in different sectors according to the demand. There are several areas where the photographers are needed as given below:

  •  Professional photographers are needed in wedding ceremonies to capture the movements and the memories.
  • Needed in the photo studios for capturing passport size photographs, capturing family photos, and editing them as required.
  • Needed for wildlife areas for research of wildlife habitat.
  • Need in news agencies to capture the news and show it to the public.
  • Need in different kinds of events like school events, college events, political events, celebrity events, etc.
  • Need to take photographs for models like artists for fashion shows etc.
  • Need in security to analyze and render the images to find the truth of it.
  • Need in for taking the shot of the environment to analyze what is doing in the environment.
  • Need in the advertisements to engage their products to the public.

As we know that photographers capture the many types of memories in their camera. They used to capture several types of photos as they wanted. But some photographers have some passion to be specialized in a particular field and focus on that field. So there are some categories of photographers who capture their memories as given below:

Landscape Photographer: These are used to capture the memories of nature and environments with beautiful landscapes.

Wildlife Photographer: These photographers used to capture and focus on animals and their natural habitat, these types of photographers are very special and professional photographers who look at animal behaviors in the wild.

Aerial photographer: These photographers are those who capture the pictures from a higher altitude such as planes, air balloons, parachutes, and skyscrapers. Sports / Action Photographer: These photographers are specialized in capturing a decisive moment in an event of sports.

Architectural Photographer: These photographers deal with taking shots of structures, houses, and buildings from different angles and create a positive impact on real estate buyers.

Wedding Photographer/Event Photographer: These photographers deal in taking shots and capture the beautiful memories of different events and weddings these are the professional photographers among all.

Fashion Photographer: These photographers capture models in professional light display fashion items such as clothes, shoes, and other accessories. This type of photographer is conducted mostly for advertisements and fashion magazines.

  1. CAREER:

In India, a professional photographer should have a professional degree and have good skills, experience, and goals towards their interest in what they want to do and what type of photographer they want to become and must have talent in that area.

In India becoming a professional photographer is very easy. You just need to have a Diploma or a Degree with experience from a Certified college or in university. But it is recommended to have a degree to make your career.

You must have to prepare for the entrance exams to clear the entrance exams and be eligible to take the admission in the good college or universities, then prepare and clear the college exams and get a good percentage. Also, get experience trying to make your projects and show to the public with your projects and creativity. For professional photographers you must know Cameras, Lenses, Flashlights, Editing photos, and editing software, developing photographs, You should also be aware of the editing of photos like software, lightning, and exposure, etc.

For a good career, a professional photographer must have communication skills, software skills, technical skills, concentration, etc. After getting all knowledge, degree, or experience you can also start a business in photography by investing in it by viewing the demand of the business.


 These days, becoming a Photographer is fast emerging as a popular career and has a very high scope of choice among all the age groups. Photography is both a science and an art. It is an artistic means of expression, the camera replacing the pen or the paintbrush. Photography has lots of scope in India in several fields in the coming years. The scope of photography is required in several areas, you just need skills, knowledge, and experience. As we know that capturing memories, editing photos, advertisements, wildlife photographs, event photographs, landscape photographs, etc. are required professional photographers so it means that it has lots of scopes if you do hard work and focus on what you want to do.


  • Arjun Mark: Photographer, Studio Lucid
  • Tarun Khiwal: Fashion and Commercial photographer
  • Rohan Shrestha: Indian photographer
  • Rid Burman: Celebrity & Fashion Photographer

All the best for your Career, Success is waiting for you, Go and Grab it. 

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