Management is the art of dealing with or controlling a business administration or any profit organization. It is the process of administering and controlling the affairs of a business organization, irrespective of its type, nature, etc. It is basically planning and achieving a goal. There are different types of management careers you can take up. One such is a Career in Hotel Management.

As simple as it sounds, Hotel Management is all about planning and organizing a hotel and controlling the finances in such a way that the hotel runs smoothly. If you want a career that is full of adventures, taking risks, trying new things, getting new experiences, then Hotel Management is just the right career.

What is Hotel management?

  • Managing a hotel comes with a ton of responsibilities. So, A Career in Hotel Management requires you to face new challenges every day. There are different departments in the hotel that make up a hotel institution. Chef, Janitors, cleaners, receptionists.
  • Hotel Management is the art of managing all the departments and ensuring excellence. So, one must be thorough with finances, management, planning, service, and organization.
  • You must be strong and confident and must also pay attention to details. Leadership and teamwork are also some other skills required.

Why Hotel Management?

The hotel management comes under the hospitality and tourism sector. And this sector is fast growing in our nation, increasing the demand for the hotel industry. The country being a popular tourism destination, there is a demand for hotels and this also impacts the economic growth of the country.

Students these days are into hotel management because it a popular career option among this generation. It also has a lot of scopes.

With the hotel industries growing, there is a need for trained hotel management professionals. So, with tourism constantly growing in India, there is a need for this profession and thus students are better placed in renowned companies. 

There are also various Hotel Management colleges one can join if you are looking for a Career in Hotel Management:

Colleges and Universities:

How to apply to management institutions?

  • You can apply to any of the hotel management institutions by filling out the application forms of any preferred college.
  • There are other states/national level entry tests and examinations.
  • Many universities also conduct their entrance examinations for admissions in hotel management courses.
  • If you are selected, then they will update on the institution website. So, you can track the admission process by frequently visiting their websites.

List of examinations:


State level entries:

  • MAH CET HM (Maharashtra)
  • WBJEE HM (West Bengal)
  • PUTHAT (Punjab University)
  • CUET (Christ University)

There are various Hotel Management Institutions which are famous for hotel management courses. Thus, Students graduating from these institutions are no doubt placed at famous hotel industries or companies.

Here is a list of the top hotel management institutions. You can aim for applying to these institutions for hotel management courses. The admissions also are relatively easy:

  1. Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal.
  2. IHM, Hyderabad.
  3. IHM, Mumbai
  4. AIHMCT, Bangalore.
  5. Delhi Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, New Delhi.
  6. Institute of Hotel Management, Catering, and Nutrition, Pusa.
  7. Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Delhi.
  8. SRM Institute of hotel and catering management.

A career in Hotel Management Industries:

Once you become a hotel management graduate, there are worldwide opportunities for placement and you can join any of the hotel industries. There are many departments in the hospitality sector: food, beverages, front office, accounting, security. So, you can also choose and apply for various kinds of jobs. Different career prospects include:

  • Club/Restaurant Management
  • Hotel/Tourism associations
  • Kitchen Management in Hotels
  • Front office management in hotels and resorts (reception)
  • Cruise Ship hotel management.
  • Airline catering and cabin services.
  • Hospitality services in the Indian Navy.
  • Guest house, resorts.
  • Forest lodges
  • Self-employment (entrepreneur)

Salary & Extra Benefits:

The salary of a fresh hotel management graduate is around INR 10,000-13,000. This is only during the training period. After the training period the salary increases as per your performance.

Hotel management gives you international exposure to cuisines and various other things. You get to travel around the world and are also exposed to international work culture.

  • You must have excellent verbal communication skills and also good English skills.
  • Quality in any of the entrance examinations.
  • Patience to handle disputes.
  • A keen eye to detail.
  • A strong and thus, a confident body language.

Because the demand for the hotel management industry is growing and is expected to increase in the near future, more hotels are being set up in India and also all over the world.

Apart from this, a Career in Hotel Management has become glamorous, attractive. It has also become the most sought job. Thus, if you want to pursue a career in hotel management, it is a good decision.

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