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Who is a photographer?

There is so much to a career as a photographer. Photography is a profession or art of clicking pictures of various events happening around you. A photographer is a person who brings these live events into the picture. Photography is an art of clicking photographs through a digital camera or a film camera.

A photographer brings into light, the people, nature, events, etc. Some photographers like to explore the outside world like nature, environment, and capture the moments. While a few have an interest in indoor photography. For example, events happening inside a closed wall like marriage ceremony, birthday parties, etc.

What does a photographer do?

  • Photographers use natural lighting or artificial lighting to click pictures.
  • Some photographers focus on studio work.
  • A photographer usually works as a freelancer.
  • Some photographers focus more on the artistic side of photography, while others do it as a profession.
  • After capturing the photographs, a photographer is also responsible for small or heavy editing of pictures. It may include adding more color or filter to the pictures, lighting, adding, or removing objects/spaces.
  • There professional photographers, part-time and full-time photographers.
  • A professional photographer works full-time in his studio.
  • A client hires a Part-time or a freelance photographer to shoot for a particular event.
  • Photographers are also responsible for some light or heavy editing of pictures.

Photographers must find assignments and improve their photography skills. Photography is an art that must be self-learned. Since the competition is high and professional photographers are in demand in the market, an amateur photographer must make sure that capturing the right moment is not missed.

A Career as a Photographer: What are the choices as a photographer?

There are many genres of photography. A photographer can take up a field of photography that strikes interest in him/her. All you need is a great passion for this art and to choose a career as a photographer. These are a few fields that photographers can specialize in:

  1. Wedding photography: Wedding photography offers a decent pay scale. It involves capturing the most important moments of a person’s life. Couples usually hire such wedding photographers to ensure everything is captured perfectly. They also use heavy lightings to capture the perfect shot at wedding receptions.

Detail-oriented photos must be captured of the bride and groom even before the actual wedding date. This will help the photographer to bring out the true personality in them and shine.

The photograph of the wedding is edited with details of the bride and groom and is provided to the couple. This detailed process takes a long time but the pay scale is high too.

2. Wildlife photography: Although wildlife photography sounds exciting, there not much pay-scale for it. This genre of photography is pretty interesting if you love traveling and nature. A small visit to a wildlife park or sanctuary and you come out with thousands of pictures of animals and plants.

Choosing wildlife photography as a career may not give you a lot of money, especially at the beginning. However, this is not the case if you are tied up with channels like Nat geo.

To earn, one must sell their images online on various websites.

You can also conduct workshops and classes to teach young talents if you are a professional.

Wildlife photography requires a lot of patience. Animals never pose. Thus, you need to experiment with different angles and lighting to get the right shot.

3. Product photography: Product photography is presenting a commercial product in the best possible way. Great lighting, background materials, sharp camera focus, and depth of field must be considered.

The products that are posted on the e-commerce website must look attractive to the online buyers.

For example, product photography for Amazon. It is a quite popular field in photography.

Fashion photography is another genre. Photographer captures clothing worn by paid models. The use of fashion photography can give you a means of advertising your brand of clothing effectively.

4. Sports photography: It involves taking pictures of athletes as they are into the game like cricket, tennis, golf, etc.

  • Photography in film making is one of the major fields. There is a post of official photographer of the Prime Minister which is highly valuable.
  • Last but not least is the social media photographers or Journalists and Photojournalists. Photojournalists are media photographers. They capture the events happening around the world and display it in a different perspective. It is the latest trend in photography.

Where to pursue a career in photography?

There are various degree colleges and journalism courses that help you achieve your passion for photography:

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad.
  2. National Institute of design.
  3. National Institute of Photography, Mumbai.
  4. Mass communication centre, New Delhi.

What is the scope of a career as a photographer?

Photography as a field of career has a lot of scopes. One can pursue a photography course in one of the top universities and also self-learn. In photography, patience is a virtue. A career as a photographer needs a lot of patience and calmness.

Being a professional photographer doesn’t limit to taking photographs. It also includes editing by using sophisticated tools to give a different perspective to the image. Editing with the required tools and software becomes vital.

What are the investments to make to take a career as a photographer?

Photography as a career requires a low investment. A simple camera with a decent quality lens is enough, to begin with. One can upgrade the camera lens as he/she establishes himself in the field. There are lenses that range from tens of thousands of rupees to lakhs.

A photographer needs various equipment such as a camera stabilizer, camera stand. But to become a successful photographer, you don’t need such sophisticated equipment. In photography, your perspective is what matters the most.

Being a photographer not only means capturing the right moment. But it also means studying, experimenting, exploring the world around you. Also trying different perspectives to see what looks good in the picture.

In the Gen Z generation, photography has surely become a hit. Thus, a career as a photographer needs passion.

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