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What Does “Earn with Teaching Hobby” means??

Teaching is the process, act in which an individual starts sharing his / her knowledge, expertise, experience, thoughts and ideas. Here,the teacher is a matured person who deals with an immature ones. This Blog will help you to earn with your teaching hobby with different ways. Teacher also known as guru who always tries to make his/ her student extraordinary.

To be a teacher you have to select any of the subject in which you are expert and ready to share knowledge. This profession includes the qualities that you must have such as patience, discipline, performance evaluation, politeness, Punctuality and many more. This can be easily started with a minimum investment.

As we all know, when we do work with our interest, then only we are able to get success. Following your passion is always a good idea. Nowadays, teaching is not only limited to schools, you can also earn from home and by different ways like online classes, conducting sessions. So, these are some tips to earn with teaching hobby.

  1. Start A YouTube Channel Using Your Teaching Hobby
  2. Conduct live online webinars and workshops
  3. Establish Your Own Institute
  4. Apply For Teaching Jobs In Schools And Colleges
  5. Provide useful notes to the children

Start A YouTube Channel Using Your Teaching Hobby

You can create a YouTube channel and start teaching students with minimal investment. Select the subject in which you are expert and have up-to-date knowledge. Try to choose trendy topics and most importantly use more graphics to catch huge traffic. Clearly Teach all things covered in the topic and mention few examples and questions related to it. You have to leave a reply for students who have doubts. Make a interactive communication with your students. You have to increase more subscribers on your channel as YouTube pays for it after a certain level of subscribers.. You can also do live streaming and teach students live.

Conduct Live Online Webinars And Workshops

Moreover, you can conduct live classes and webinars online. This can be done at home by you. You can take free webinars or charge money. This will only need a computer or a laptop. Many Teachers conduct seminars, workshops in different school, colleges and get pay in return. It will need you a complete research on the selected topic and a team of 3 or 4 members. Using Graphics like tables, graphs, pie-chart, diagrams make it more attractive and interesting. You can also provide your recorded lectures to many popular sites.

Earn By Establishing Your Own Institute

If you know how to teach and have some investment then establishing your own institute will surely works good. There you can teach students with minimal investment of chairs, tables, desk and a whiteboard. You can also advertise about your institutes on roads by pamphlets or on social media by posting regularly. You can also boost your ad within the budget of Rs.76 to Rs. 400.

Apply For Teaching Jobs In Schools And Colleges

If you are a certified teacher then you can be able to get the job in schools, institutes or colleges. For being a certified teacher, you must have done your graduation (B.Ed). You can also do post graduation (M.Ed) to get job in high schools,or colleges. If you have done post graduation then you have higher chance of getting job as a teacher in reputated schools. You can also apply for a teacher job online or directly going there. Some websites like Naukri.com, indeed.com and many more helps you in searching best teaching job.

Provide Useful Notes To The Children

If you have a excellent stuff of notes, then you can also run a normal website of providing note. If you don’t know how to make website, then make a pdf of your note. You may contact to special websites which provides notes to the children. They will give you good money for providing good and required notes. Or you can provide notes to the institute by going offline

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