How to open a software shop

Hey foes, today I am going to tell you if art and craft is your passion then how can you convert it into your career. How can you fill your pockets by art and craft.

  1. Create a youtube channel
    Guys if you are good at doing art then you can start your youtube channel. For earning soon you have to upload 1 video per day. You can show different art and crafts and can also tell to how to make it. Don’t forget that your main objective is earning. And for earning from youtube you have to increase your number of subscribers.
  2. Be an artist
    You can also become an artist but only if you have qualified sone coureses. gcses is a degree for an artist. You can sell your sketches, drawings, paintings online or you can also contact the painting sellers. They can purchase your portraits and you will be able to earn.
  3. Visiting and Conducting Exhibitions
    Guys, if you don’t have more udeas to draw, sketch or paint, you can choose this optionas it is the easiest one. You have to go to the exhibitions fixed at malls. Their see various types of paintings, drawings and sketches and taje their ideas. Now, after 1 day visityou will be abke to make them atleast 2 weaks. The simple way is that just take those ideas and create your drawings by using your creativity. This will make the drawing unique and expensive one. Higher the uniqueness, Higher the Money.
  4. Teach online
    Guys, along with all these you can also teach students online. This will make you earn more. You van make different sites which can upload your recorded video. In the video, you can show them that how to make them. You can also provide notes to them.
  5. Open an art academy
    Guys, if you have some amount for investing, then you can start your own art academy and teach students. You can also do social media advertising and can make your academy more popular. You can also charge extra money for facilities provided to students.

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