It’s not a 9 to 5 job, but you can earn from makeup hobby and have complete control over your free time.

Traditionally, you can earn an average annual salary of $66,000 but only for one job. Since makeup artists can create multiple revenue streams, their revenue is likely to increase by over 66000.

You have two options: Bring your makeup trolley everywhere you go and actually give makeup to someone else or go online and talk about cosmetics. The best thing about it is that you do not have to choose.

You can make money as a makeup artist whether you care about online, offline, or both. Here are 5 Ways to Earn from Makeup Hobby

1. Prepare for events

Giving makeup services to people out there is the most traditional way of earning through cosmetics. Since not everyone knows how to combine foundations, costumes, or eye shadows and create match scripts.

Makeup artists can earn huge sums during such events:

  • Weddings, weddings, engagement parties, and similar occasions
  • Prom, Junior Prom, Graduate, and other formal school programs
  • Photo App: It could be singles like Boudoir, Family Picture, Class Picture Day, etc.
  • Parties – Girls’ Night Outs from Birthday Parties, Debut or Quincy Nera, and other similar parties may also require makeup services
  • Special events such as charity balls, award ceremonies, and similar events
  • Commercial Work – You can get a contract to work as a makeup artist for TV shows, advertising agencies, music videos, and other industries

The amount you can earn by applying makeup for events depends on how much your rates are.

Since your job is freelance, you should consider your own hidden expenses such as transportation, decoration costs, taxes, etc. to the venue and include them in your rate.

Once you have determined your hourly rate, you can now choose by setting package prices using a rate-by-rate or other pricing structure.

2. Teach them to put on makeup

Teaching is a very attractive discipline, no matter what specialization you have, but if you are good with makeup and you have the portfolio to back it up. You can make money as a makeup artist-teacher.

You have the type of makeup lessons you are going to offer. Some examples:

  • One-on-one makeup lessons. Visit the client’s home or meet yourself in your studio.
  • Group lesson. You teach a group of people with some makeup techniques like “Daily Makeup Look”.
  • You will teach other makeup artists about the business, from calculating hourly rates to choosing the best makeup products to use.

Since these makeup lessons vary, so do the tuition fees.

In general, teaching professionally will cost more to share your trade secrets and create your own competition with each lesson.

If you have clues or a name to attract a group of students, you can look for a teaching presentation at a local cosmetology school near you.

3. Make and test makeup

One of the most traditional jobs as a makeup artist is working at a hair salon, day spa, or the makeup counter of a local store.

If you like to experiment with makeup products and are looking for ways to gather experience without splitting your budget. These platforms will definitely help you gain the knowledge and hours needed to hone your skills.

Another way to make money as a makeup artist is to build your own makeup line. For makeup artists, it involves a lot of experience and a lot of the following. If your career is at the brand ambassador level, you can find white label makeup and produce your own line.

It’s not easy, but if you have the market and knowledge, the rewards will completely outweigh the other ways you can make money as a makeup artist.

4. Write makeup reviews

Here is another way to test makeup and get money from experiments.

You can write a makeup review for a third-party company (and get a flat fee or for a review with a commission for each referral).

You can also post all the reviews on your website to get 100% of your future income. It’s a passive income type, so you have to have a ton of patience with the return.

If you have a good following on Instagram. You can also share your makeup reviews there and take advantage of any revenue opportunity on Instagram.

5. Make Money on YouTube Makeup Tutorial

The most popular way you can make money these days as a makeup artist is to create makeup tutorials for youtube.

And for good reason. YouTube makes billions of dollars every year and makes ordinary people millionaires from all over the world.

Here’s how you can make money from your YouTube channel:

  • AdSense – As an AdSense publisher, all the videos you upload to YouTube contain ads that can earn you money as long as the viewer sees the ad. However, earning per view is very low, which adds up if you have multiple videos on your channel.
  • Affiliate Marketing – With Affiliate Marketing, you mentioned makeup in your tutorial. Add a link to Amazon (or any other online store) in the video description and earn a commission when you buy any ad-clicker from that store. As with AdSense advertising, the more videos you publish with affiliate links, the more commissions you can earn.
  • Sponsorship – Partner with makeup brands, promote your products on your youtube videos and accept the amount in advance according to the video, monthly, or any other payment structure. Note that this is not for beginners, because brands usually already visit YouTubers with a lot of customers.
  • Live Sale – If you have your own makeup line (or other products in your niche), you can sell them directly by showing them on your YouTube video.
  • Market your makeup/event business – You can not only earn directly from promoting your brick and mortar business. But also make up for events, general deals, and other opportunities for agencies by interacting with youtube videos placed around the world.

The End line

If you are a professional makeup artist, you should avoid doing 9 to 5 jobs. By combining and matching the above opportunities you can expand and develop your own career.

I recommend taking both quick-cash and passive-income “jobs”. Both of these opportunities give you financial freedom after working for one or two years.

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