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Work is not always fun. Some people work just to make money, no matter what they do. And so most people are not happy with their job, but they are still doing it. So if you are one of those people who just start roaring through the idea of ​​work, then this article can change your life goals. Here is a list of jobs that pay well and require less effort.

1. Professional foreign

If you can adapt well and shake hands firmly, then you can get employment in China.

Chinese companies sometimes pay to do things like opening houses, the grand opening of events, etc. to sell to foreigners (who do not speak Chinese) and behave as if there is a celebrity in real estate. If a foreigner participates in it, a certain level of honor is associate with the event.

2. Professional Cuddler

You can pay for cuddles and spoons with strangers.

If you like to stay in bed and don’t mind touching strangers, this job is right for you. Applications such as Cuddler and Cuddle Comfort provide professional cuddling services. Cuddlers charge $ 80 per hour and these services are currently available in 16 states.

3. Hotel Sleep Tester

Sleep in a comfortable bed in a fancy hotel, use the facilities, and pay to do so.

If you like to travel and stay in luxury hotels, then how to pay for it? Yes, that’s right.

4. Beer Taster

It’s about identifying the features of Beer for sales and marketing rather than your personal opinion.

The idea of ​​keeping a cool Beer while you work in your office fee certainly sounds appealing but in most places, it is not allow. Still, there is a job that will pay you to drink Beer. Most breweries have professional Beer tasters who can recognize the unique composition of Beer and say whether it is good or not. There are lots of courses available in Certificate Beer Technical Offering Certificate.

5. Video Game Tester

Sleeping around in bed all day and playing video games can get you a job.

Video game companies hire gamers who can try out their new games and see if they can break them. They also need to report any mistakes or omissions that occur in the game. You can earn between Rs 10 and Rs 18 per hour just by playing sports and experience always adds to the salary.

6. Sleep Study participants

If sleeping is the same thing you do all day, then you may get money to do it.

Medical facilities keep experimenting with sleep theories and so people need to participate. This study is age and lifestyle-specific, thus making sure you have read about the process and requirements. Staying in the hospital usually pays more and you can earn around $ 1000 per day.

7. Movie Extra

You don’t do anything, go around the movie stars and get paid in this job.

All you need to do is stay in one place or talk for a while, be part of the crowd or sometimes fall to the ground and die (as in war-based movies). You will probably also be paid overtime and bringing your clothes or props means extra money.

8. Dog Walker

If you love dogs then how will they be paid to just walking around the block a few times?

This work requires a little physical work but it is like a little workout for you. Entrepreneurs whose jobs force them to travel usually take care of their favorite pets when people are away from home. The salary of a dog walker depends on the number of dogs he can manage at a time and they can earn $ 50 or more per hour.

9. Chocolate taster

If you know your chocolates, this is the perfect job for you.

Sugar high is a rush in your body that you start to experience from an early age. You eat chocolate when you are happy and when you are sad. So chocolate companies hire people to try out their new candy and give valuable feedback on taste, flavor, smell, and many other things. So if you don’t mind diabetes and cavities, go for it.

10. Ice cream taster

If you don’t mind a few brain freezes, then eat all the ice cream you want in the world and pay.

Ice cream is consider a cure for depression and heartbreaks. So, people are taken by ice cream companies to try new flavors so they can give a general review. So if you don’t have tooth sensitivity, then this job can earn you 60k a year.

11. Chicken sex

In this job you just need to take the sex figure of chicken and other hatchlings.

No, that’s not what you think. Commercial hatcheries hire chickens because they have two different types of feeding programs for male and female chickens, and so they need to differentiate between the two.

12. Sports fan

If there is one game that you like the main one and have been following for years, then you fit perfectly into this job.

People often hire sports lunatics to watch the game, as they are very enthusiastic and have a thorough knowledge of the rules and history of the game. This is a great way to promote the spirit of sports in a room full of boring businessmen.

13. Breath odor evaluator

You should analyze people’s breath before and after chewing gum.

If you have a keen sense of smell and you don’t mind a stranger breathing, then you are hire. Mouth freshener companies are always on the lookout for such people to see if mint, gum, and other oral care products work well.

14. Binge-watcher

The viewing suggestions Netflix recommends when you sign in are generate by these people.

Companies like Netflix hire such people called ‘taggers’ to watch a bunch of episodes and provide information like genre/subgenre and character traits etc.  You don’t get to pick and choose the content you watch but if you have a deep passion for video entertainment then this job is perfect for you. But getting hire is not easy, there are various factors involved and the occupancy is very limited.

15. Apologizer

Say sorry to a stranger for something that you didn’t do. 

Apologizing to someone requires heartfelt emotions. Apparently, in Japan, people are hire to apologize to someone on some other person’s behalf. And the salary is said to be pretty good.

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