They don’t need any fictitious office fees to work on projects and organize meetings, most of their success communication takes place over a cup of tea at a nearby tea stall or coffee in a nearby small cafe. Their laptop is their office fee desk, they can take their company idea to the elevator and persuade the customer in a shopping mall. They don’t have a regular time of office fees. And they won’t be surprised if you see them working in their living room at 4 am.

They are the present and they are the future. Yes, we are talking about social entrepreneurs. They both look the best in the world – profit and social influence.

Here is a list of 15 books on social entrepreneurs and social enterprises that will give you a glimpse of the field and maybe you too will kickstart your journey!

1. How to change the world: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas

The book, written by David Bornstein, is a compilation of various success stories from around the world. These stories tell us that these individuals are doing remarkable work, which is not reported anywhere by the media. The book helps readers discover how one person can make a big difference in the world. The book contains inspiring and intriguing stories of people like Jodi Williams, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her international campaign against landmines and she drove by e-mail from her home in Vermont, and Roberto Baggio, a 31-year-old Brazilian who founded the Eighty. Computer schools in the slums of Brazil. The book was described by Nicholas Christophe in the New York Times as “a Bible in the field” and was published in more than twenty countries.

2. Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives

This book by Greg Vanurek and Christopher Gergen contains numerous interviews with leading entrepreneurs from around the world with a variety of examples, concrete structures, and practical strategies for your work and life. “This is provocative reading for all those who are committed to creating a meaningful and meaningful life. Filled with supportive strategies and optimistic stories. Life Entrepreneur is an interesting, challenging guide to the next generation of leaders, ”said Wendy Cope, President of the United States and President of the United States.

3. Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know

This book by David Bornstein and Susan Davis is in Q&A format that explains what social entrepreneurs are, how their organizations work, and the challenges they face. The book gives you an idea of ​​how social industries differ from regular ones for for-profit enterprises and for-profit organizations. The book shows how a person can get involved in this field and what she wants. This book is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to work in this field without prior experience and knowledge.

4. I Have a Dream

Rashmi Bansal’s book is a compilation of 20 inspiring stories of social entrepreneurs and innovators who have solved old problems. Each modifier in the story works with the same thing for different reasons that the principles of management should be to achieve better. In three segregated sections, the book divides people into three types, Rainmakers, Changemakers, and Spiritual Capitalists. Every story has a message that change starts with one person and that person can be anyone, your friend, neighbor, family, or even you.

5. The Secret of Leadership

Prakash Iyer, his book takes an interesting and inspiring conclusion from around the world to show what it takes to be a leader. These success stories, as you read, will unleash your inner leader and take an attitude with your life and inspire you to do something. Stories tell you how just one small action can motivate you to become a leader. And you don’t have to have years of experience to be one.

6. Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future

Nothing is certain in this cutthroat competition today. The promotion that you expected and deserved may go to someone else, the job you always wanted will not be as good as you thought. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong and this will not stop you from moving forward. Just get started it’s all about. Leonard A. Schlesinger, Charles F. Kiefer, and Paul B. Brown’s book helps you decide on the best strategies and tactics, minimizes financial risk, attracts like-minded people, and why it’s important to just get start!

7. Start Something That Matters

Blake Mycoskie’s book, one of the fastest-growing shoe companies in the world. Tells the story of TMS and combines it with lessons learned from other such innovative organizations. In our lives, many times we find ourselves in a dilemma where we get confuse. Whether we follow our passion or move on after earning a good income. The book tells you how not to choose and if you follow your dreams you can eventually earn good money. The book teaches you social good, earns good money, and follows your passions, all at the same time.

Black is the founder of Toms. It all started in 2006 with a small, polite idea that came out of his apartment. Now it gives 10+ million pairs of shoes to children in need.

8. Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits

CK Prahlad’s book goes down the pyramid and you will find the most attractive markets in the world. It describes how the people at the bottom of the pyramid teach these companies how to serve them how they can bring success stories and profits. By engaging with these people, companies are not only making money for themselves but also helping millions of poor people around the world who can earn more than they are currently doing.

9. Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism That Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs

This book by Muhammad Yunus shows how social business has gone from being a theory to an inspiring practice, adopted by leading corporations, entrepreneurs, and social activists across the world. The book has answers to all the questions like how social business transforms lives; offers practical guidance for those who want to create social businesses of their own; explains how public and corporate policies must adapt to make room for the social business model? The book explains how we can take the energy of profit-making and mix it with human needs to create a self-supporting social business.

10. Non-Nonprofit: For-Profit Thinking for Nonprofit Success

The inspiring book by Steve Rothschild, an Ashoka fellow, can help maximize the positive impact of any nonprofit. The book shares the same principles which are followed by many big companies and how they can be apply to a nonprofit. The writer personally changed sectors when he left corporate America to found Twin Cities RISE!, a highly successful poverty reduction program. His personal success story and experiences create an essential guide to those in the social sector looking for a boost in impact.

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